General Questions

  • What is Engida?

Engida (pronounced as “engieeda”) is Ethiopian’s #1booking, travel & trip search engine available online and on mobile. Our vision is one of the best booking site in Africa & the one-stop search site for hotels, gust house and pensions all over Ethiopia & Africa.. We accomplish this by constantly evolving and catering to all travel-related needs of our users, whether about choosing the right destination, modes of transport, places to see, stay & eat or usable local tips & trivia.

Not just this, we allow our users to search and book hotels, flights and all possible modes of transports like taxi service, you can use engeda.com to get the best advice on Africa tourist destinations, holidays trip planning, travel programs, weekend getaways, monuments and resorts in Ethiopia & other African countries etc. engeda.com also has car rent reservation information, search for cheap air ticket flights, hotels, holiday packages and best travel deals.

  • How can I use Engida

Engida is the default landing page when you hit www.engida.et, simply type in your query in the search box (or you can simply click on any of the queries showcased right below the search box).For eg. you are planning a trip to gonder, simply type in the destination name (“gonder”) in this case in the search box. The result page will showcase the best time to visit gonder, places to visit in gonder, things to do, where to stay, where to eat and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about gonder.

In case you want to know how to reach gonder from your current destination (lets say, Addis Ababa), simply type in the destination in “From”, in How to Reach tab and press, Search. The result page will showcase all the available modes, approx. time to reach and price you need to incur to reach there. Not only that, it allows you to search and eventually book your preferred mode right from the destination page.You can also use the search bar to type in specific queries, such as, restaurants in gonder, restaurants around Fasil castle gonder, images of Fasil castle, timings of Fasil castle, hotels around Fasil castle etc. Now that you know how easy and intuitive it is to use engeda.com, why don’t you give it a shot? You will love it!

  • Is there a way to find good hotel/flight deals on Engida.et?

Sure! Our deal is a compilation of packages, discounts, special prices and last minute exciting travel deals offered by various Online Travel Agents and Inventory owners, handpicked and displayed on engeda.com deals so that you save on the time to search for them (Hotel Chains, Airlines etc.).To access our deals section, simply go to “more” tab on the top and check on deals.

You will see links that you can click and land on the result page to view all deals related to you interest of you can search deals for hotels, flights, packages etc in the search box and the relevant results shall list. Also, the deals section has top deals listed right next to the deals search tab.

  • Why should I register on Engida.et using my Facebook Login?

Well, simply speaking logging into engeda.com using your Facebook account will personalize your overall experience. Also, obviously, you need not remember your username and password and by one click you can login into engeda .Beyond the obvious benefits, once you logged onto Engida using your Facebook Login, it will create your personalized page (which you can see by clicking on ‘My Page’ on top section, where you see your name and picture). All your activities (like questions, answers, likes, pictures you uploaded etc.) will be automatically updated on your personalized page

  • What is “top Engidas”?

As you already know engida is a booking and reservation platform. We allow our users to participate on engida by contributing pictures, asking questions, answering questions, commenting or rating POIs (Point of Interests) etc. We recognize your contribution on engeda and hence we created this section to showcase all the users

What is your terms of use and privacy policy? Where can I read more about it?

Sure! We take the privacy of our users very seriously! You can review our privacy policy by simply clicking on this link Our Terms of Use Policy can be simply accessed by clicking on this link below

  • Is there someway I can see the summary of all my activities on engida

Sure! Once you login, your personalized page (which you can see by clicking on ‘My Profile’ on top section, where you see your name and picture). All your activities (like questions, answers, likes, pictures you uploaded etc.) will be automatically updated on your personalized page.This personalized page is your asset, you can simply share it on social media and use it as a tool to showcase your “Travel Quotient” to the world!

  • What if I cannot find my question on this list?

In case you have a specific question, which does not get addressed in our FAQ section, please write to us by click on this link below:Info@engida.et You can also get in touch with us and ask us your question, by clicking on the blue panel on your left “Give us feedback”.

  • How can I contact engida?

If you wish to send us snail mail, you can address it to:engeda.1st floor, Nile Building, CMC  in front of  St. Michel church Addis Ababa Tel +251 9 03 75 75 75  For advertising partnership : Sales@engida.et

engida on Mobile

  • Can I access engida on my mobile?

Yes, Sure! Our website can be accessed on a browser of any mobile device (any OS, mobile or Tablet). In case you are facing any challenge, we have hosts of smart Mobile Applications catering to your specific travel needs.

Know more about the applications here: https://www.engida.et mobile In case you have an Android based mobile device, our Applications are available on the Google Play Store. You can install all our applications by simply clicking on this link:   Own an iPhone? Don’t be disappointed! Our applications will be available on iPhone very soon. Our team is working day and night to make sure the host of applications are available to you soon.

Search Bar

  • How can I use the search bar on the home page?

You simply type in any travel related query in the search bar. For your ease, below the search bar you will see sample queries which are clickable. The intention of the these sample queries is to provide you an idea of the vastness of the kind of queries you can type in the search bar.Typically speaking your set of queries could fall under following categories:a)

Destination: To know more about any destination, you can either simply type in the name of the destination like, gonder, mekele , addis ababa , adama , hawasa etc. or you could type in specific queries like ‘best time to visit Axum  (or your given destination)’, ‘Weekend getaways from debere zeiyte ’ etc.b)  Places to visit: Simply type in ‘Places to visit in <Destination Name>’ or name of the Point of interest  (POI), for eg. ‘lalibela , ‘Pictures of <POI Name>’, ‘Opening timings of  <POI Name>, ‘Entry fee of <POI Name>’, Location of <POI Name> etc.d)

Things to do: Or if you are aware of a place to eat and want to know details like phone no., address, location on map, average price etc. You could simply type in the name of the restaurant in the search bar.


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